What is This?

Imagine, when you get your hands on some XSD schema file and you want to make a XML file for testing, presentation or some other purpose.
If you are lazy enough (it is a must-have trait for an engineer!) you would like to have some tool to automate the boring process of writing sample XML, even better if you didn't need to install anything.
So here you go - XSD2XML - online tool that takes your XSD schema as input and generates sample XML as output - with only one click of a button.

Why it was created?

First of all - we (the individuals from team Morbyte) needed this kind of tool for ourselves. There are tools already that do basically the same thing, but with side-effects - some of them are shareware; some of them are plugins to another, bigger programs you would have to install; and others are unfinished and don't work at all.
So we created one that suited our needs and put it online so everyone can use it.

So is it free?

Of course its free!
The only catch is that it comes without any warranty - this tool should work for the most cases, but it may not work in some exceptions. But the good thing is - we are currently improving this tool and adding missing functionality to make universally usable tool.